AMA Supercross Houston round 1 Live Stream 2021

Monster Energy AMA Supercross Houston round 1 Live Stream 2021

AMA Supercross Championship is a Motorcycle Racing competition founded by the American Motorcyclist Association. The Supercross Championship races are held from January through early May. Supercross is a variant of motocross. The tracks of Supercross are usually constructed inside a stadium. The accessibility and comfort of these stadiums improved the popularity of Supercross over the motocross championship in the United States. The fans of Supercross are now spread around the world. Eli Tomac is the current champion of the AMA Supercross Championship.

Most of the 2021 Supercross schedule has been announced. The first round of the 2021 Monster Energy Supercross season will be held in Houston, Texas. This is the first time in last twenty five years when the first round will not take place in California. NRG Stadium, Houston will serve not only the first round, but also the second and the third. These three races will be held on 16, 19 and 23 January respectively.

AMA Supercross Houston round 1 Event Details
FanFest Open – 11:00 AM CT
Stadium Open for Qualifying – 1:00 PM CT*
Stadium Open for Race – 3:30 PM CT
Opening Ceremonies – 4:30 PM CT

AMA Supercross Houston round 1

Event Format:
The AMA Supercross begins in early January and continues up to May. The whole event is divided into 17 rounds in the 450cc class, and 9 rounds in the East and West Division of the 250cc class. Each meet is structured with two heat races and a consolidation race in each class. Each heat race is 6 minutes plus one lap in both classes. 20 riders participate in each heat race and 9 of them qualify for the next feature. The other 22 riders from these two heat races are relegated to the consolidation race, which is known as the Last Chance Qualifier. The Last Chance Qualifier is 5 minutes plus one lap and the top 4 riders advance to the final.

Fans will get the chance to watch the races from the gallery, but in limited numbers. The Supercross authority is very much concerned with the spectators’ health safety issues. Each stadium will have a “Pod Seating” structure, where the same group of people can sit together, but they will keep themselves away from other groups. This will allow the family members or friend circles to enjoy the race together, maintaining a social distance from other people.

Wearing mask is a mandatory safety feature. Until the law says otherwise, everyone should put on a mask inside the stadium. The detailed safety features can be collected from the websites of the stadiums.
Supercross successfully completed the 2020 season, maintaining the bio-bubble environment. They are the first sport authority to do so. Now, NBA, WNBA, MLB and NHL are using bio-bubbles in their sports. Supercross will follow unique tactics to maintain bio-bubble environment in the 2021 season as well.


Live Telecast: Supercross has not yet signed any contract with the television, but they will announce it soon.

Super Tuesday and Mid-Week Racing: Supercross got a surprising audience reaction after arranging mid-week races. They arranged three races on three consecutive Wednesdays to maintain the bubble environment in the 2020 season. These races became so popular that Supercross decided to arrange four Super Tuesday races in the next season as well. For the first time in the race’s history, these races will take place in Houston, Indianapolis, Glendale, and Arlington.

Track Changes: In 2021, track changes will be more frequent than that of the previous season, in double and triple header events at different stadiums. The authority claimed that they have the taken the preparations for these extensive track changes between rounds.

Ticket: For us fan please visit official site of Monster Energy Ama Supercross for Ticket. Outside the United States Please visit Official website link.

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