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AMA Supercross has started in 1974, since that time it has produced many great racers and thousands of riders have been take part in this tournament Some racer became famous for their extraordinary performance throughout their career.

The 23 AMA Supercross Champions

The AMA Supercross roll of honor consists of just 23 champion riders till the 2020 season. Only 23 competitors claimed their title in the 47 championships so far. These riders created a lot of brilliant stories that the fans and followers will remember forever. Here we present some unforgettable stories of six champions:

 Pierre Karsmakers:

Surprisingly, the first champion of this American racing championship was a European. Pierre Karsmakers was from the Netherlands. He won the opening race in Daytona, finished second in Houston, and secured the championship with a fourth-place finish in Los Angeles. His brilliant and consistent performance helped him win the first ever Supercross championship.

Jeremy McGrath:

McGrath was the most consistent rider of the 90s. He is also the highest winner of off-road motorcycle races. McGrath has the record of 72 career victories, which is 22 wins ahead of the second. He won seven championships in just eight years. He was the champion of 1993 to 1996 seasons, then got a second place in 1997, and won three championships (1998-2000) after that.

Ricky Carmichael:

Ricky Carmichael is considered as the greatest rider of all time in AMA history. Before switching into stock car racing, he won five Supercross championships from 2001 to 2006. The only time he did not win, in 2004, he missed the season due to a knee injury. In the meantime, he wrote his name seven times on the list of Motocross champions as well. He became a stock car driver in 2007.

Cooper Webb:

Copper Webb, the 2019 winner is from North Carolina. He started his professional racing career in 2013. In 2019, he won the AMA Supercross 450cc Championship and Supercross Triple Crown Championship. Incredibly, Webb’s 450cc debut was in 2017, and he struggled in the previous Monster Energy Supercross season due to injuries. Webb got seven wins in the whole year to win the prestigious championship.

Ryan Dungey and Ryan Villopto:

Two ‘Ryan’s had been triumphant throughout the last decade. Ryan Dungey won the 2010 championship, only to see Ryan Villopto winning the next four seasons consecutively. Villopto retired in 2015 due to injuries. The next three titles were grabbed by Ryan Dungey.

The other 17 winners of the championship are:

Jimmy Ellis (1975)

Jimmy Weinart (1976)

Bob Hannah (1977, 1978, 1979)

Mike Bell (1980)

Mark Barnett (1981)

Donne Hansen (1982)

David Bailey (1983)

Johnny Mara (1984)

Jeff Ward (1985, 1987)

Rick Johnson (1986, 1988)

Jeff Stanton (1989, 1990, 1992)

Jean-Michel Bayle (1991)

Jeff Emig (1997)

Chad Reed (2004, 2008)

James Stewart Jr. (2007, 2009)

Jason Anderson (2018)

Eli Tomac (2020)

In 450 cc class, Jeremy McGrath got highest 72 wins. James Stewart is the second in the list with 50 wins, and Ricky Carmichael got 48 victories.

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